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/Who We Are

Our aim is to try and improve the health outcomes and well being of patients by developing novel digital arts-therapy products. After receiving a Creative Fuse NE innovation Award we have developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with features to satisfy our initial customers, and provide feedback for future development.​
iCoda-Health is a real-time sound-responsive image-generator that uses spoken and non-verbal sounds to directly generate and manipulate digital imagery. We have developed this product as an aide memoir for Dementia and as a creative distraction for children who are short and long term patients.

We will also be collaborating with the Play Specialists at the Great North Children Hospital in Newcastle to aid them in creating artwork which will be developed by iCoda creator Peter McAdam.

There is no such thing as silence.
Everything that is happening makes a sound.”

- John Cage -


/What We Do

The project will develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for iCoda-Health, a real-time
sound-responsive image-generator that uses spoken and non-verbal sounds to directly
generate and manipulate digital imagery.
Our initial focus will be paediatric patients and Dementia sufferers.

The focus of the innovation is the responsive, real time activation of images using
customised visual mixers.
Patients can create a moving scrapbook of their lives through singing, revealing layered biographical imagery.

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iCoda-health encourages creativity with the Patient. Using our application you can add your own content and create unique content.


We have the skills to produce our application for Android and IOS as well as our work in progress, an HTML5 version.


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/Work done so far

We’ve been really busy the past few years plugging the attributes of the software.
Here are a selection of activities we’ve been involved in:


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    Creative Fuse

    Creative Fuse Innovation Grant

    Awarded a Creative Fuse Innovation Grant to develop iCoda health for paediatrics and Dementia Patients. Researching alongside health Care Professionals to develop an MVP to trial in 10 Care Homes and Sunderland Royal Hospital.

    iCoda Creator IOS

    iCoda Creator IOS 2016

    Released the IOS version written in Unity but then changed to XCode. Protracted development took 16 months. This version lets you use any track on your device and images from your Camera Roll. Very near to the Desktop version.


    iCoda Creator Android

    iCoda Creator Android 2014

    Released the Android version written in Unity. This version lets you use any track on your device and images from your Camera Roll. No bulk imports of images though, but Visual Mixer is close to the Desktop version. Also filter to blur edges of the images.

    iCoda Preloads

    Four iCoda Preloads IOS Mobile 2013

    Released four Artists as preload applications, which means the image content was locked, but you can still use the microphone or play the track to activate the imagery onscreen. Dream Of Dead Cats - San Francisco Film Company Elisha Sarti - New York Collage Artist David Carson - Los Angeles Graphic Design legend New Electric Ride - London Music Group.



    Palimpsest IOS Mobile Application 2012

    Raised enough cash to dip my toe in mobile application production. It came about after a domestic flood had ruined all my old photographs, after drying them out and peeling them apart, I was awestruck at the amazing photo-transference. I then added these into the Coda desktop and found a new way of creating digital imagery. I commissioned James Snee currently at Oxford, to write the first Coda app a basic version of the Desktop version.

    Thinking Digital

    Thinking Digital Conference 2010

    Showcased Coda desktop at the Thinking Digital Conference 2010 at the Sage. We were based in the Cyber Cafe away from the main conference hall, it was a place to chill and network. Received some great feedback especially from Educationalists. We added a Waveform Display, a Screengrab keyboard shortcut and more behaviours in the Visual Mixer. The Screengrab function, which captured the random screen content, opened a whole new creative avenue regrading digital art.


    Digital Fellowship

    Digital Fellowship Teesside University 2009

    Received a Digital Fellowship to produce the first draft of the application which I called Coda. Desktop version consisted of C++ Chuck with a sparse interface and limited visual mixer.



    Sunderland University

    Sunderland University 2006 Great introduction to Television Production, I learned a lot about editing and Special Effects. During the course I was commissioned by Bradford Council to produce a documentary on the Five Cities of Yorkshire. It was screened on the Millennium Square Big Screen for the launch of the Illuminate Festival.


    Sunderland University

    Sunderland University 2003 - 2004 A one year course in which I experimented with text in Art, from Neon signage to Creative Writing. An incident on the bus going to University inspired me to change direction. The bus was full and there was a large boisterous family at the front of the bus, everyone on the bus were transfixed by their banter and behaviour. So my final MA show which coincided with Platform 2000004 at the Waygood Gallery, I hired five actors to act as a dysfunctional family as they walked around Newcastle University causing havoc. I secretly filmed them on a "button cam" then I had built a mock living room, the actors still in character watched the footage of themselves I had shot during the day. I called it "A Real Life Soap Opera."

    2003 - 2004
    1989 - 1992


    Sunderland University

    Sunderland University 1989 - 1992 My work developed from discovering an unused Spaceward Matisse computer in the Graphics lab. I then learnt myself to feed video signals into the computer and screen capture and manipulate images via the paint toolbox. I was very much inspired by the work of Peter Greenaway at the time, his film Prospero's Books in which he collaborated with the Artist Tom Phillips using the new Quantel Paintbox by Sony.